Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

A pest and building inspection with Vision Building Reports can help ensure your new or investment property is pest free!

One of the most structurally and financially damaging issues that can fall a building is the infiltration of timber pests such as termites, wood rot and wood borer. These infiltrations may be a direct result of either external or internal entries, and are all the more dangerous because they are often well concealed within the building.

A pest and building inspection will uncover these problems now, before purchase, so you don’t have to discover them the expensive way. Our inspections have helped a large number of Toowoomba’s prospective home buyers avoid making a costly mistake when buying, building or performing maintenance on a house. We can help ensure you are fully aware of the property’s structural integrity, and can negotiate price based on the cost of any necessary repairs.

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