Pre-Purchase and Building Inspections

A thorough visual inspection of your property will be undertaken during your pre-purchase building inspection. Brad Hogan will be looking for major and minor defects, cracking, maintenance and safety issues.

Pre-purchase Building Inspection

A Pre-purchase Building Inspection by Vision Building Reports will provide you with a thorough report on a building’s condition so that you know exactly what you are buying

You are very welcome to walk around with Brad while he is undertaking your inspection. He will explain his findings to you while you are still at the property. If you cannot attend your building inspection, he is happy to call you after the inspection and let you know how it went.

Prior to our building inspections we provide building inspection agreements. A Building Inspection Agreement must be provided as required under the Australian Standard 4349.1 for building inspections. The building inspection agreement outlines the type of inspection to be undertaken and also the scope and limitations of the building inspection.

Our pre-purchase building inspections are covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance for your added protection. Brad Hogan is the licenced consultant. Copies of the inspectors insurance policy and licence can be provided upon request.

What is a Pre-Purchase Building Report?
Brad will access the following areas for a building inspection:

 Property Exterior

  • Walls
  • Check for Cracks and/or Movement
  • Surface Drainage
  • Retaining Walls
  • Gates & Fencing
  • Decks & Balconies
  • Pergolas
  • Driveways & Paths
  • Patios
  • Stairways
  • Roof
  • Skylights
  • Out buildings
  • Sub-Floor area

Property Interior

  • Walls
  • Tiles- cracked & drummy
  • Floors
  • Ceiling
  • Dampness
  • Door & Windows
  • Cabinets in Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Roof Space/Void
  • Bath
  • Shower
  • Sinks
  • Ventilation
  • Laundry
  • Stairs


Building Inspection Reports

All building inspection reports are in accordance with current Australian standards 4349.1 for Building inspections and are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance for your added protection.

We provide professional and comprehensive reports to our clients or their solicitor/conveyancer within 24 hours of the inspection. Brad will call you on the day of the inspection and provide you with a verbal report prior to providing your written report.

Brad is available to discuss your reports with you after you receive them and answer any of your concerns.

Building Inspection Reports can be sent to you via e-mail, fax or express mail.

The report will identify significant building defects or problems. Brad Hogan will compare the property inspected with buildings of similar age and construction and will give an overall rating for the dwelling.

We’ll examine all the accessible areas of the building including the sub-floor and ceiling space and list any problems or potential problems.

A Pre-purchase Building Inspection is your opportunity to get an unbiased, objective appraisal of the true condition of the property. You may also find your mortgage provider requires a report as part of the loan conditions. A Pre-purchase Building Inspection is usually combined with a Timber Pest Inspection.

We believe our reports are of superior quality to our competitors for a number of reasons:

  • Building reports are approximately 20 to 25 pages of detailed information.
  • All reports are carried out by Brad Hogan the owner of Vision Building Reports.
  • Reports are not computer generated. Brad fills out a detailed field form on site and then brings the form back to the office for typing and sending, resulting in a report that is easier to read and understand.

Our combined Pre-Purchase Inspections involves two separate inspectors working together as a team for our combined building and pest inspections. An experienced Building inspector and an experienced Pest inspector. Providing you with two sets of expert eyes. Our Building inspector Brad, is also the director and owner of Vision Building Reports. Both your Building and Pest inspector will provide you with a professionally written report within 24 hours of your inspections.

PRICES: Combined building and pest inspections from $440