Benefits of a Building Inspection Report

Purchasing a home is a big deal! It is commonly said that the greatest single purchase that the vast majority of people will make in their entire lives is that of a home. Because of this, those preparing to make a financial commitment to a house should understand precisely what it is that they are receiving. You will receive a detailed and comprehensive report completed in accordance with the Australian Standard outlining all building components of a house. 

Brad Hogan is an experienced registered builder with years of experience. This experience allows him to accurately report on the condition of your intended purchase and in simple terms explain what needs to be done.

It is our responsibility to independently and without bias expertly provide this information, so that you can buy with confidence. Vision Building Reports will assist the buyer in understanding what subtle problems they might encounter with the home after they purchase it. Armed with this full disclosure, the purchaser is capable of engaging in the best decision regarding finalising the home purchase, or avoiding it instead.  Our reports outline problem areas  which may be used as a negotiating tool in the final stages or the information provided may assist the buyer in getting specialist’s recommendations as to any dangers that may lurk in the house because of these problems. Brad will typically make such a recommendation for additional assessments to be conducted regarding any presence of pests, structural issues, or water drainage. To this effect, they will refer the buyer to  the local council, pest inspector, pool safety inspector, electrician, plumber, property surveyor, geotechnical engineer or structural engineer.

If you have a particular concern or query Brad is readily available to discuss any issues or concerns with you in relation to both the property and the report.

There are a variety of benefits to getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection Report done. The buyer gains the advantages of a complete inspection service for the entire house. Everything from the house’s roof exterior and interior to its very foundation is inspected. This includes all walls, floors, under-floor areas, and ceilings. Not only this, but fences, any pool, and all outbuildings will also be thoroughly looked over. Please be aware that your Building Report will NOT be a Timber Pest Report, Electrical Report, Plumbing Report, Pool Report, Cost Estimate Report, Compliance Certificate or a Guarantee against future problems from developing. It will however, be as clear, concise and conclusive a document to help you understand the main issues regarding building items covered by the Australian Standard.

Another benefit to having the Pre-Purchase Inspection Report done is gaining peace of mind. Buyers are generally worried about what problems may exist in a house that they are buying of which they are not aware. Thanks to Brad knowledge and comprehensive reports, they can be assured that all current problems with the house are made known to them. Brad will give recommendations for any and all repairs or additional assessments that need to be conducted. The buyer may then be able to require that this work be done in advance or be armed with the knowledge that these things will need to be attended to in the future. This way, there will not be any unpleasant surprises in store for the purchaser immediately or shortly after moving in to the house.